Whispering Steppes

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  Lyrics by Chyi
Composed & Arrangement by Johnny Chen
词 (歌词转自 音魁网 www.inkui.com)
Love is dear, lover is rare
Love is never where your eyes would stare
Unexpectedly even blindingly
Love will show its face to you, no lie
网 (歌词转自 音魁网 www.inkui.com)
Fears subside, clearly why
Time has come for me to stand aside
Unencumberedly though reluctantly
Upon the whispering steppes I lie with pride
i (歌词转自 音魁网 www.inkui.com)
· I was cradle of my hopes, now lies my resting grave
The warmth of life has left me half-embraced
For those who rendered fears and pain
I will surely pay with a smile you can't escape
  (歌词转自 音魁网 www.inkui.com)
  Free at last, from the past
  Time has come for me to greet the vast
  "Unencumberedly though reluctantly
  Upon the wispering steppes I lie"
  Unenecumberedly, so gracefully
  Above the whispering steppes I'd fly